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Jiangyu water transfer printing equipment and the traditiona

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Jiangyu water transfer printing equipment and the traditiona

发布日期: 2019-11-27

Now in production is now more and more plastic products, such as our daily mineral water packaging, or some other bottled products, fruit, candy, medicine bottles, processing technology is to choose the water transfer printing processing, the processing elements are more environmental protection, and work process is simple, use the general manufacturers of plastic water transfer printing processing can complete the number is high, a day is equivalent to the number of artificial several times, and the number of high, PiFaLiang will be much higher. This is now plastic water transfer process in the industry is more and more important, occupy the position will be more and more high.

With the progress of society and the development of industry, the market has a strong demand for efficient and energy-saving production tools. What are the differences between jiangyu water transfer equipment and traditional water transfer equipment?First of all, jiangyu transfer printing equipment has a higher degree of automation, which can meet the basic requirements of enterprises to save labor and reduce costs.Second, the water transfer printing operator's skill requirements are generally reduced.Third, more environmental protection, operators and the environment has a further protection.

At present, jiangyu water transfer printing equipment is more powerful, more stringent requirements on the quality of high-end product users choose, such as: for the use of the automobile industry. Individual water turns printing market to have how big!Personalized water transfer printing is not only a kind of technology, but also the "food" that can't be separated from human life. Personality water transfer printing not only to develop, in the future, will be one of the printing market indispensable technology. Is an indispensable part of human life!




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