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What are the operation methods of water transfer printing pr

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What are the operation methods of water transfer printing pr

发布日期: 2019-11-27

Water transfer printing processing field is more and more extensive, such as common life advertising, glass, electronics, signs, CD, textile printing and other processes, are inseparable from the shadow of water transfer printing. With the continuous development of science and technology, the development of IT products and electronic technology also drives the development of water transfer technology industry. Do you know the operation method of water transfer printing?

1. Determine the appropriate water temperature (20° c-30 °C) and keep the water surface in a state of overflow.

2. Keep the water surface free of activator residue and impurities.

3. Place the film on the surface of the water at an appropriate Angle (make sure the front and back sides of the film, with the printing layer facing upward)

4. Set the dissolution time according to the water temperature. The water temperature is generally 25-30 ° c, and the dissolution time is about 45 seconds to 2 minutes

5, the thickness of printing ink, judgement, the time of spray activator, printing ink layer is thick, can be in the film is not yet completely dissolved, spray activator in advance, let the ink activation time longer, and dissolve the general assignment 1 minutes can spray activator, stay flat membrane into a mirror and extension (5 seconds to 15 seconds) on membrane, transfer printing.

6, before the upper film, according to the shape or texture of the processed material, choose the Angle of water to facilitate air discharge.

7, after the film, do not immediately pick up, should be shaken in water for 3-5 seconds, cut off the edge of the film, to increase the grain bite the processing time.

8, activator spraying with 0.8 mm * 4 hole gun and mixing type pressure industry operation, spraying distance is about 30 cm, air pressure adjusted to avoid pattern, there shall be no water, water temperature can be added if necessary to 35 ° C, the water tank should be overflow, the last line of the water to clean, rinse complete subject to air dry and approved by qc trimming again into the baking ovens.




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