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Talk about water transfer film manufacturers development pot

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Talk about water transfer film manufacturers development pot

发布日期: 2019-11-27

Water transfer film manufacturers say few people now think about how these patterns are transferred to objects. At present, many products can not be printed directly on the pattern, so many are using silk screen technology, some are using water transfer technology. Generally speaking, the application of water transfer technology in screen printing technology is still a little insufficient. However, screen printing still has many shortcomings. Compared with the two, water transfer technology has greater development potential.

In such a fast-paced era, it is obvious that screen printing wastes a lot of printed patterns on commodities, and the water transfer film manufacturers' treatment is highly efficient. Second, the cost of screen printing is much higher than the cost of water transfer.

In addition, for some high-precision patterns, screen printing often cannot be vividly printed on the object, and water transfer printing can even produce high-precision patterns. In fact, the development potential of water transfer film manufacturers is beyond doubt. No matter what people do today, people will strive for the pursuit of beauty.

Therefore, many products used in life should be as beautiful and delicate as possible.Therefore, more and more products will be applied in the future of water transfer technology. Look around, from glasses, clothes, photo albums, to furniture, to see the transfer of water image processing. Because of this potential, more and more manufacturers are committed to water transfer process, they are also constantly improving the technology, I believe that the future of the process will be better and better.




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